Sai Srushti Group

Sai Srushti Group (SSG) started off as a family-owned enterprise in 2005, that was primarily into real estate development. The company quickly expanded its reach to multiple cities including Bangalore and Hyderabad, handling high value commercial and residential real estate projects.

Over its 12-year journey, SSG and its strategic partners have developed over 20 million square feet, banked over 400 hectares of land, and would deliver another 20 million square feet over the next 10 years.

While real estate was its forte, SSG decided to expand its capacity to other verticals that were focused on humanity plus initiatives. With this intent, Thor Energy India Limited was established in 2008, which leveraged on cutting edge technology for the restoration of energy balance through the production, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

SSG’s interests sprawl over multiple verticals – mainly ones that would make a significant difference towards improving the quality of life in India. In 2010, SSG founded Candor International School with the aim of transforming the education system in India, and placing it at par with international standards of education. Candor follows a value-based model of education that transcends traditional schooling systems that focus only on academia.

SSG’s mission to impact humanity also gave birth to SSG Foundation, which aims to focus on the upliftment of people in rural India through education, health and nutrition, and pro-agrarian initiatives.

With a hawk eye focus on delivering results, SSG has demonstrated admirable levels of resilience while facing challenges, and adopting solution-focused methods in their resolution.

SSG is now positioned as a boutique investment firm, with substantial investments in real estate, specifically through structured and distressed deals, Education, and Venture Capital.

Sreenadha Reddy Nayani


Sreenadha Reddy Nayani, or Sree as he prefers to be called, is the founder of Sai Srushti Group (SSG), a 300 million-dollar Strategic Investments Company that began with a humble 3-acre development project. Over the past 12 years of exciting growth, Sree and his strategic partnerhave delivered over 20 million square feet of residential and commercial space, banked over 400 hectares of land and built a pipeline of another 20 million square feet to be executed over the next 10 years. A computer engineer and an MBA from Singapore Management University, Sree has expanded his business into land banking, property development, education and listed investments

Starting with minimal capital, Sree grew the group through the right strategic relationships. Sound decision-making and optimal risk-taking are his key strengths. Finding creative solutions, meeting people from all walks of life, understanding their ideas and aspirations satisfies him the most. He is credited with bringing high levels of professionalism to his complex and cut-throat field of business. His growth is fuelled by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities before they become trends, instead of large capital infusion.


Sumanth Kumar Reddy


Sumanth Kumar, Managing Director at SSG, dons multiple hats. A seasoned entrepreneur with a Masters degree in Engineering Management from the University of Warwick, London, he has many successful ventures to his credit. A civil works and real estate mogul, Sumanth’s construction companies have enabled the successful execution of numerous Central and State government projects. His companies – Siri Constructions, BKR Constructions, and RR Constructions, have executed infrastructure projects that amount to over a whopping INR 2000 crores till date. Some of the other companies that he owns or acts as a Managing for Partner are Sri Vishnupriya Constructions, Coramandal Constructions, K.G.P.C, and P.C.C.

Of these companies, BKR Constructions, a company founded in 1975, was inherited by Sumanth in 2005. The company boasts of vast experience in the fields of earth works, tunneling, road works and mining. His other company, Siri Constructions, has a team of highly experienced and qualified mechanical and civil engineers, and outshines its competitors in executing projects related to irrigation, railways, hydropower, roads, and tunnels.


Suresh Reddy


Deeply perturbed by the current education system in India, Suresh Reddy founded the Candor International School in Bangalore with a vision to transform the Indian education system. Candor focuses on holistic, value-based education, and aims to foster the culture of exchange programs.

His complete investment and interest in education can be seen from the fact that he is also the Founder and Chairperson of the Saketh Educational Trust. Besides this, he also serves as the Director and COO of Learnbeyond, a platform that integrates technology, interface and content to simulate a seamless online learning experience. Learnbeyond was one of the pioneers in e-learning, and has now become a benchmark for online education.

With over 20 years of experience in working with the IT industry and MNCs like Volvo, US Bank, and Prudential Insurance, Suresh is the Founder and CEO of a leading IT firm in the USA. This company received the accolade of being one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA.