Sreenadha Reddy Nayani


Sreenadha Reddy Nayani, or Sree as he prefers to be called, is the founder of Sai Srushti Group (SSG), a 300 million-dollar Strategic Investments Company that began with a humble 3-acre development project. Over the past 12 years of exciting growth, Sree and his strategic partnerhave delivered over 20 million square feet of residential and commercial space, banked over 400 hectares of land and built a pipeline of another 20 million square feet to be executed over the next 10 years. A computer engineer and an MBA from Singapore Management University, Sree has expanded his business into land banking, property development, education and listed investments

Starting with minimal capital, Sree grew the group through the right strategic relationships. Sound decision-making and optimal risk-taking are his key strengths. Finding creative solutions, meeting people from all walks of life, understanding their ideas and aspirations satisfies him the most. He is credited with bringing high levels of professionalism to his complex and cut-throat field of business. His growth is fuelled by identifying and capitalizing on opportunities before they become trends, instead of large capital infusion.

Sree has had many achievements and he aspires for more. He hopes to make a greater impact by creating a platform that brings together investors, innovators and academicians for an accelerated and much more inclusive growth in real estate and other sectors. He believes that India’s seemingly simple problems call for highly scalable innovations; its markets are huge, and its youth have the right talent to solve them.

His long-term plan includes creating an innovation supporting ecosystem for the Indian entrepreneur who faces a more complex environment, compared to an entrepreneur in the Western world. He wants the innovating entrepreneur to not get caught in legal and compliance related ambiguities or because of the lack of access to capital. He hopes to support the idea right from inception to proof-of-concept stages, before seeking external capital.

One of Sree’s passion is using technology to unleash educational resources in India. He dreams of making a holistic educational experience feasible and highly relevant at population scale. His first step has been establishing an international school.

A small-town boy of humble origins, Sree grew up in a family with deeply rooted moral and cultural values. He is committed to creating a better future for people of the world on a large scale. Beginning with India, he wants to combine business sustainability with spiritual values and together with other stakeholders, build an equal and caring world.