SSG Real Estate


Real estate is one of the key enablers of growth and employment globally. In India, it is the second largest employer. Not only does the sector promise to become worth 180 billion dollars by 2020 but is also predicted to grow at 30% over the coming decade. However, the sector in India is still predominantly unorganized and embedded with hyperlocal nuances, making it imperative for any serious real estate business to be rooted in their local environments.

SSG has acquired extensive experience of residential and commercial development in two of the fastest growing Indian cities – Bangalore and Hyderabad. Our core competency is building strategic development partnerships with local players such as land aggregators, farmers, and agents. We understand applicable regulations and stay open to liasoning with government agencies. As a group, we work with people and organizations from all walks of life and focus on solving problems that matter.


SSG Education


The one-size-fits-all linear model of education, followed at many places in India, prepares students only for a conventional career. This leaves no space for innovation. The usual outcome of this scenario is higher attrition rates and job dissatisfaction.

The founders of SSG have a vision to improve the cultural and economic fabric of the country. They want to bring this change by creating a holistic education system in an environment conducive to learning. They wish to build the community that has propelled them to prosperity. Having been exposed to a global education system themselves, the founders recognize that the need of the hour is a blend of values-based education system with world class international curriculum. They believe this will create self-motivated leaders of tomorrow who will surpass cultural, religious and ethnic barriers to build a strong progressive community.


SSG Venture Capital


Always a supporter of innovators, SSG group wants to be at the forefront of revolutionary changes in the Indian business ecosystem. For that, we need to place our bets in fields that we choose based not only on their potential but also our own skills and experience gained over decades of doing business. We understand financial services and real estate very well and want to play a key role in their innovation led transformation. Our leadership believes that India as a nation will be carried into its next phase by mobility and biotechnology, done by and for the people who deeply understand the complexity of India’s problems. Thus, as a venture capital investor, we plan to keenly monitor and seek opportunities to invest in fintech, real estate tech and biotechnology, irrespective of the stage of the startup.

SSG believes in going beyond just capital infusion. The mentorship and guidance it will provide is extremely practical and designed for the Indian entrepreneur who gets bogged down by many aspects such as legalities, compliance and lack of capital. SSG will build a support system where the entrepreneur focuses on his or her ideas, innovations and business growth, and gets to compete on a level playing field globally.


SSG Foundation


The SSG Foundation is a private foundation that aims to work towards improving the lives of women, children, and farmers, in rural india. It is driven by the group’s fundamental belief that one needs to invest in their own to bring the change they want to see in society. That is why, unlike a public foundation which derives most of its financial aid from the general public and corporations, SSG aims to channel a significant portion of its profits into its foundation.

The founders of SSG have deep roots in rural India and they understand the challenges facing rural India. Basic human necessities such as nutrition, health, education, and sustainable income that ought to be guaranteed, are unattainable in most villages. SSG is humble in recognizing the scale we face as a nation and hence wants to focus on certain key problem areas – health, education and financial inclusion.